Adoption FAQ


How do I apply to adopt and what does the adoption process look like?

1. If you are interested in one of our adoptable dogs, please contact us at adopt@dogsofgyumri.org

2. Application: Please fill out the adoption application and provide any additional information you may require.

3. Transportation: Once the details have all been confirmed, we will organize the transportation of your dog to their new family. 

Can I apply to adopt if I reside outside of Armenia?

Absolutely! We review all applications and are currently accepting individuals applying from the United States and Canada. 

What are the adoption fees?

Adoptions within Armenia: There are no fees for adoptions within Armenia. You can add a new fur-ever friend to your family for FREE!

Out of country: The fees to adopt in the United States and Canada are solely for the transportation of the dog to their home. The costs may vary depending on the transportation and flight details. 

How can I ensure that I get the dog I am interested in?

In order to adopt the dog you are interested in, please contact us as soon as possible at adopt@dogsofgyumri.org. Our adoption process is on a first-come first-serve basis; however we are dedicated to ensuring that our dogs go to the home best suited to their needs and consider various factors in our selection process.

*Please note that the adoption process may take some time as we would like to ensure that all our dogs are healthy and ready to go to their fur-ever homes.  

Where do your adoptable dogs come from?

Our dogs mainly come from Gyumri (the second largest city in Armenia). We have, however, had dogs available for adoption from Yerevan and other regions in Armenia. 

Can I meet a dog before adopting?

If you live in Armenia and are able to travel to Gyumri, you can certainly meet our adoptable dogs. Other opportunities to meet our dogs include adoption events around the area.