City Fundraising Representative

Job Description

Dogs of Gyumri is currently looking for volunteers to assist with fundraising efforts in cities all over the United States. There is no age minimum for this job. High school applicants are welcome.

A City Fundraising Representative would contribute to D.O.G.'s cause of helping the dogs in Gyumri by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Run fundraising campaigns in city of residence in order to raise funds for D.O.G. initiatives and projects (ex. bake sales, item collection)
  • Expose residents of city to D.O.G.'s social media platforms and to the organization's overall goals and values
  • Discuss D.O.G.'s mission and projects with local members of community 

An ideal City Fundraising Representative would have the following qualifications:

  • Creativity to implement own fundraising ideas
  • Willingness to speak about D.O.G.'s mission and projects
  • Effective in written and oral communication
  • Demonstrate care and concern for the well-being of people as well as animals

Apply by Email

If you are interested in this opportunity, you can apply by emailing dogsofgyumri@gmail.com with "City Fundraising Representative Application [City Name]" in the subject line.