Flight Escorts


What is a flight escort?

Whenever we have an international adoption, we need to fly the pup out to the owners! A flight escort is someone who has to travel from Armenia out to the destination anyways, and we arrange for the pup to tag along with them!

Does it cost me anything extra?

Nope! Any expenses relating to the pup will be fully covered! We just physically need a person to be on the flight with the pup going to their forever home!

Do I have to hold the pup in the cabin?

Again, nope! The pup will be in the cargo hold in their own kennel with everything they will need for the flight.

What airlines do you use?

At the moment, the only airline we are using to transport pups to their forever homes is Aeroflot due to costs. For specific circumstances or by special request, we also use Air France and Qatar Airways.

What do I do when I get to the airport in Yerevan?

Upon arriving at the airport, you will meet with one of the D.O.G. representatives. They will give you the paperwork which you then use to claim the dog at customs. Leaving on a jet plane is the only thing left. 

What do I do when I arrive at my destination?

When arriving at final destination for dog, you will go to baggage claim to pick up the dog and any luggage checked. At that point, meeting the adopters outside is the last step. Once the dog is with the adopters your work is done.