Happy Tails



 “Dogs of Gyumri gave us an additional member of our family. We loved Halva from the moment we saw her and our son Aram gets to grow up with his furry best friend. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. “

-Talar (California, USA)



"When we first saw Nala on the Dogs of Gyumri we knew she was going to be our puppy! Immediately D.O.G was happy and ready to work with us. In about 20 minutes all our worries and questions were put to rest and answered. Our adoption process was a breeze and I can't recommend them enough.  What D.O.G is doing is an incredible cause that needs to be shared world-wide! I can't tell you what joy and happiness our little Nala has brought into our home and family (and we already had one dog at home that we never thought would accept a puppy!) Professional, kind, and ALWAYS putting the pets and adoptees before anything else! I had the privilege to see their aid in action while visiting Gyumri, and in the span of a few hours they rescued, treated and saved a puppy who will now be adopted to the U.S! #HOPE.LOVE.ADOPT!!!" 

-Anna, (Massachussetts, USA)



"Adopting a rescue puppy will undoubtably prove to be an enriching experience. For me, adopting through Dogs of Gyumri and bringing Funk over from Gyumri to Toronto myself, has amplified that experience and heightened the bond that we share. D.O.G. was beyond helpful throughout the entire process and thanks to them, I have a new best friend in my life."

-Shaunt (Toronto, Canada)



"I was scrolling through Instagram one day, the duty of our human existence these days. And upon scrolling, I see the face of a puppy that i had to stop on. I stopped, I stared, I fell in love. I mean I fall in love with every puppy photo, but this baby struck me.  I have a dog already, a two year old Australian shepherd named Chameech. I consulted with her and we both agreed we needed this puppy. 

I went through the process the amazing Dogs of Gyumri has created, and the dog was flown to California. A sweet, young lady flew with her and the sweet ,young lady picked her up from the airport and held her until I could get to Los Angeles. When I arrived, there was that little pup, energized and friendly, licking, and playing. It was a dream. 

Now that I've had her for a month, she has settled in greatly to our family, and actually completes it. I live in a farm, but this little girl is no farm dog, and has no problem being just that. I decided to name her Gyumri so she doesn't forget where she came from, but we've shortened it to "Goomz",and she loves it, I think. She is perfect and I cannot believe I get to be with her everyday!"

-Amy (California, USA)

7th Heaven Pups


The day we found our 7th Heaven pups, they were all thrown in a box next to a trashcan at only 2 weeks old. One of them hadn't even opened her eyes yet. All 7 of them had bacterial infections and needed to be fed milk. Fast forward one month. After treating their infections and being dewormed, all 7 of our 7th Heaven pups were adopted together. Where you may ask? All of the pups were adopted by an amazing dog loving soldier in Artsakh. They will be trained as army pups and help our soldiers on the front line. We cant think of a better place for these amazing babies. Special shout out to Service Armenia 2018 and The Paros Foundation for transporting these pups to Artsakh and taking care of them for the trip! 



"My husband and I got married June of 2018 and within 10 days of being married we reached out to D.O.G. inquiring about the adoption process. We knew for a fact that we wanted to adopt a dog from our country and it was just a matter of which dog would make us complete. About 3 months later we saw the post about Mishka (now named Luna). We immediately felt an instant connection and filled out an application immediately. The application was simple and easy to fill out and we received an email promptly regarding an interview. We got to FaceTime with the amazing founders of D.O.G. and fell in love with them as much as we did Luna. Sarah told us we were approved and I cried afterwards from excitement. They were so sweet to send us pictures, videos and communicated throughout the whole process, until our baby girl was in our arms. Luna is the sweetest girl and gets attention everywhere we take her. Her veterinarian was amazed about the care that D.O.G. gave her and many can’t believe their eyes when they see her before and after pictures. Many people praise us for rescuing Luna, but in reality she rescued us."

-Ani (California, USA)