Meet Taghuhi!

Age:  8 months

Breed: Mixed Breed

Sex: Female

Size: Medium sized (45-55lbs)

Living with children: Unknown

Living with dogs: Yes

Living with cats: Unknown
More about Taguhi:
Taguhi is a good-spirited and obedient dog from Sisian, Syunik Marz, Armenia. She was found by a Peace Corps Volunteer who has been caring for her as a foster mom. She loves to play with other dogs, cats, and people of all ages. She loves to run and play, water and exploring the great outdoors. She knows the following commands in both Armenian and English: Sit, Stay, Calm, OK (for eating times); Stop, Go (when crossing the street), Gimme paw, Gimme other paw, Let go (for playing tug), Give the ball. She also plays fetch. Taguhi is crate-trained and is clean. When on walks, she doesn’t pull and prefers to walk on your right side.

Preferred places to sleep: Crate, couch. She will not get on the bed unless you say, “Up!” and she gets off when you say “Off the ” (when you say “Up!”.
Bad habits and triggers: runs after small rodents, jumps, sudden loud noises, barks, paws and nips clothing for attention, growls when playing.

Taguhi loves cuddling her human on the couch, gnawing on her bone, being brushed, rugged floors, car rides,belly rubs and paw massages, fresh snow, playing with other dog and cats.
Adoption kit included for free! Crate, safety blanket, squeaky ball, plush toy, collar, dog bowl, medical record passport.