"Hi everyone! I'm a non-Armenian, coming from France with the AVC program. I had an interest in animal welfare and received my job with D.O.G at that time. I have only been with the organization for two weeks now but I'm glad to have been placed with them. I have the opportunity to help our four legged friends and also gain awareness of the situation here in Gyumri. I come with an eager heart and many ideas to bring forth. The organization has been doing great things and is continuing to build everyday. I'm proud to be part of that adventure and look forward for what is to come. " 

-Alex (France)



"For the past 2 months I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Dogs of Gyumri.  I have really enjoyed my time working with this organization because I got the opportunity to  work on a very real issue here in Gyumri.  Working with this non-profit has given me experience in dog handling as well as marketing tactics.  I really believe in the mission of D.O.G. and I’m so glad I had the chance to work with their team."

-  Nishan (USA)



"For the last few months I have been working here at Dogs of Gyumri, and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone here is like a small family and I adore it. I got originally placed here from working with Birthright Armenia, and I have learned so much since coming here. Being from the US, everything about animals here is different. Working here at DOG has allowed me to see a part of rescuing animals, the measures it takes to help them, and everything surrounding it in ways I've never experienced before. Being able to help be a vital part of rescuing these street dogs who otherwise would have had a very difficult and diminished life is nothing short of incredible. We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change their whole worlds."

-Kathleen (USA)



"Volunteering at Dogs of Gyumri was such a great experience.Not only is it super fun hanging out with dogs and seeing them grow, but I learned a lot about the legal and social issues regarding animal welfare in Armenia.

My tasks included taking dogs to the vet for vaccinations and checkups, walking them to ensure they are healthy and can interact with people before they are adopted, administrative tasks and social media, so it was always exciting!

Every volunteer is trusted and given responsibility within the organization. It is so rewarding to see the dogs we work with end up in their forever homes, happily ever after."

-Meghety (Australia) 



"Working with Dogs of Gyumri has been one of the most rewarding volunteering experiences I’ve had in Armenia. I loved playing with the dogs and watching them grow, but my favorite part was taking photos of adorable puppies and seeing people’s reactions to them, which led to many of them getting adopted. I’m so excited to see this organization grow and continue to make an impact, not only in the local community, but all around the world."

-Lori (USA)



"I love volunteering with Dogs of Gyumri. In the past year, their outreach has grown at an impressive pace. My work with them had enabled me to get hands on fundraising experience as well as getting to play with cute puppies! I think we should not underestimate the potential impact that D.O.G. has, especially as they grow and continue to challenge the traditional perceptions of dogs in Armenia." 

-Alice (United Kingdom)